Jul 09 2013

Sickly Betrayal

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Eyes red and puffy. Lips silver-white.
I would never hurt you for immature spite.
This sickly betrayal – I’d never intend…
Are we still friends at all in the end?

You try to tempt anger, bring nothing but tears –
awaken lost feelings of sadness and fear
Rejection was painful – not once and not twice –
but where are we standing (besides on thin ice)?

Not docile, nor cocky. How else must I act?
I reacted strongly. We both know this fact.
I look in the mirror, and wish for a time,
when all of your love could as well have been mine,

It’s three years and counting. I hope that we last.
And not fade like candles – the wick burns too fast.
I’d savour each moment. I’ll stand by your side –
and maybe someday you’ll be here when I hide.

Eyes blinking tears back and lips in a smile
Relief made me happy – at least for a while.
That sickly betrayal – I’d never intend…
I hope with my whole heart that you’re still my friend.

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