Sep 06 2012

Special moments

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cherish every moment, live life to its fullest dont ever let ANYBODY talk or let you down, tell you.. you dont belong or fit in… never never give in ! Sometimes this can be a cruel world we live in…. Keep you head held high, stare at the stars in the sky.. daydream a dream and keep your high… You live one life make it good and make it what it is… share it and love it , before it is gone Push your way threw and make it to the top, and god up above will not let it stop… be proud and stand tall and take it all in Death , defiance, cruelty and blindness of the heart, is all part of life and where you learn to make brand new starts.. Life is not perfect, so go with the flow, keep your head held high, and it will grow.. Selfishness, laughter, greed and lust , are all parts of life that live in us.. It makes us who we are, we learn from mistakes, we live ourlives threw the golden gates… put that smile on your face .. do what you can .. and show the world what you got … dont ever stop loving.. it makes us gro

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