Jun 14 2012

Sunshine in a bottle

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Get a life

Get a life with me
Let us create our own fate
we will call her while she is sleeping in the crib

I’ll seal the deal with velvet lips
sharing all my secrets in a carefully timed kiss.

I’ll be your bride,
If you give me room to breathe
To catch my breath with the realizaton
That you shall be my handsome groom.

A simple change of scenery,
We turned our lives around to create a place called

A home inside your arms,
Obeying your lustful comands.
I promise to love you
Until my eyes eternally close.

Because I dont need to find myself a romeo
And nor do you seek a Juliette.
Im content with you my dear
A humble artist who sings in his sleep.

Perhaps we need not exchange vows
Or gold bands to declare our youthful love.
No money to be spent for no price could ever be reached,
For such sentamental things can only be expressed inside.
You cant catch sunshine in a bottle.

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  1. Alon Dyon 21 Aug 2012 at 10:51 am

    I like this poem. Great job! Please feel free to rate and comments my poems as well.Thank you

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