Apr 17 2014


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I awoke on the cold,
And bitter of days,
Helplessly hoping,
I could change my ways,
I’d stand again,
On my own two feet,
And rise from the ashes,
Not accept defeat,

I’d change my mind,
In this misdirection,
And stop being blind,
I’d face my perception,
I’d open my eyes,
To a better view,
Take off my disguise,
And start anew.
But falling back forward,
Not back to the start,
That day is when I heard,
The beat of my heart.
That day is when I knew,
I’d become what I wanted,
I accept that I’m not you,
I’m no longer haunted.

I grasped the world,
Like it was mine for the taking,
I relit my spark,
No more faking,
That’s when I realized,
I’m a man on a mission,
The new me and the old me,
Have now switched their positions.

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