May 25 2016

The Heart’s Void

Published by at 5:43 am under Long Distance Love Poems

I miss you as a flower misses the sun,
When the clouds are grey and gloomy,
With only the hope of warm rays
Holding me, awaiting the skies to clear.
The spaces of time void of your presence
Are as vast chasms the light cannot find,
Where the air does not move
But to whisper in despair your name.
My heart finds me missing you more
As time passes in discovering your soul,
And hours are of only empty minutes
That wait to connect the pieces of my heart.
Listen to the wind blow,
Lyrical through leaves thick.
Their sound is but a gentle distant echo
Next to my heart, sighing thoughts of you.
Were pain an enemy,
My heart would have many a foe,
So deeply does it feel you,
So dearly does it wish you near.

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One Response to “The Heart’s Void”

  1. Kelechi C. Nwosuon 25 Oct 2017 at 4:29 am

    This poem resonates with me.

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