Jul 10 2012

The One

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Maybe he’s the one…
The one I can trust
The one that i can be with
The one that will hold me with his heart
Maybe he’s the one that loves me
And actually loves me
Maybe even enough to not break me
Coming from past loves
He can’t break me
For I was shattered once before
Maybe this is the one…
The one that’s good enough for the movies
The one that’s about the love songs
The one the girls are jelouse of
The one the guys are proud of
Maybe he’s the one…
The one that will help to make it last
The one that wants me and only me
The one that I can give my heart to
The one that thinks im perfect…FOR HIM
The one that will hold me around his boys
The one that knows i’m different
Maybe He’s who I’ll fall in love with…

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  1. Manzap68on 10 Sep 2017 at 2:50 am

    The search , fairy-tale, continues. Beautiful poem.

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