Jan 17 2013

There’s Happiness in Laughing

Published by at 5:53 am under Love and Friendship Poems

There’s happiness in laughing
And I laugh all the time
These funny things you just don’t get;
your humor’s not like mine

You wouldn’t find the joy in it
But I know what it’s worth
There’s happiness in everything
In love and friends and mirth

Without this humor I would die
it’s what I’m based upon
And all this glee stored up inside
would kill me were it gone

Rejoice at everything you see
Be grateful, humble, meek
There’s happiness in laughing, too
I’m on a laughing streak

I’ll giggle and I’ll chuckle
And you must laugh along
For every time you laugh with me;
one more right, one less wrong

There’s happiness in laughing
I promise that it’s true
A laugh from me costs nothing now
but brings a smile to you.

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