Jan 24 2011

Two-Faced Heart Theif

Published by at 5:58 am under Dark Love Poems

When you came you where my sunshine
But really you where a cloud of acid rain
For a while you held my heart
Then left me in a flash of pain

You stole my heart
Now I am empty inside
I thought you where an angel
You where only greed and pride

Why did you express your love for me
When you had another?
You played me on and stole my heart
But left me, why bother?

You tease me later, I am so confused
Why even talk about love to me?
You have your soul mate, I was not chosen
Leave me alone, let me be.

Your words of love to your other half
Burn me when I see them, they are so pure.
Heartbreak is a horrible disease,
And sadly, it has no cure.

So tell my why you even tried?
I was young, I never loved before
But you won, and stole my heart
And left me crying upon the floor.

So as you live in sweet bliss
With your love nearby
I hope one day you will be dumped
And that I will see you cry.

This post was submitted by Skyeraid.

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