Sep 30 2010


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You love me too, now dont pretend
Our love story, can have no end
On each other, we do depend
And I miss you, at every days end

Its been a tumultous journey
I turned you down and then accepted
Your love and gave you mine, unfettered
Only to take it back, dejected

You were not the perfection u promised to be
Back then, I was too blind to see.
But now, you dont need to be
Your flaws anneal you into me

Ive known u long, and long been loved
Ive hurt you, made you feel unloved
But wherever ive been, whatever ive seen
You are always there at the end of the scene

Anf now that you are over me
I donot feel any guilt
To tell u that we are hot again
My attraction to you is inbuilt

Youve been with me for every heartbreak
And held me when ive needed love
Wanting me too, of course but still
Generously giving when the need arose

And when I finally realised
It was short loved and I got bored
And now I love you so again
That my feelings cant be ignored

But now, i dont need a formal decleration
That we are close means more to me
And the fact the whatever may happen
Ull be there for me till eternity

Is all I need to know your love
Hidden, unformed, deformed, yet bright
In the end, when we are together
Everything is perfect and right

Whatever you may say or think
That something there shall always be
A little flirty, secret love
Between a certain you and me. 🙂

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  1. iwait4you4everon 30 Sep 2010 at 11:57 am

    Lovely poem and fits my life right now to a T…

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