Jul 23 2012

Unspoken Truths

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Tell me something…
When you said “I love you.”
Did you mean it completely?
Or in a way not true?

I’m not here to judge,
I’m not here to cry.
But I have noticed…
That our love has died.

Fading out in total silence,
I just don’t think that is fair.
To let our feelings for each other,
Disappear into thin air.

Your silence mocks me.
Your inaction brings me pain.
When can I hold you close,
And love you fully once again?

Talking to you used to make me smile.
Now it only makes me frown.
When did the world I once knew,
Get turned upside-down?

I wish not to accuse.
But my friend says you’ve been flirting,
With other girls that you know.
My heart’s sad and hurting.

When I remember old times,
Back then my heart leaped with joy.
Now when I am all alone,
I wonder if to you, my heart’s a toy.

We used to talk for hours,
About fun and random stuff.
Now I can barely get five minutes…
That is not enough!

A thought has crossed my mind,
About just leaving you…
But you’ve been hurt so many times before,
To hurt you again, that I cannot do.

You never hang with me,
Always someone else, that makes me blue.
I wish so badly right now… that
I had the courage to say this to you.

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