Jan 11 2011

Vile of Sands

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Give me a vile of sands
So I may travel back in time
To when I was happier

When you left me I put on a brave face
A fake smile, a false laugh
You shall not know

I’ve been split, my emotions into packs
Each fighting for control inside my head
I fight back, and win

I shall not fall down any longer
When you left me I lost my support
I fell hard and with a crash

I have throw myself into other activities
But somehow you’re in all of them
Get out of my head

Why, I am ready to move on
Why can I not leave your image behind
And live my life the way I want?

I may never know these answers
But I fight, your memory fades
It’s only a matter of time

Till I’m free

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One Response to “Vile of Sands”

  1. Natoshaon 14 Jan 2011 at 5:43 pm

    This is really good and easy to “relate” to.

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