About: Ebbi

Full Name
Ebbi Jacobson
Hi I'm Ebbi, obviously. I'm 15 and hating on life. I'm at that stage where everything and everyone hates me. I don't think life could get much worse at the moment. Living my life was hard, my childhood ended at 8. I started acting way too mature for my age even though I was behind in all my school work at the time. My grades soon went up and I became a social reject. By the time I entered high school at 13 I had no friends and no one dared talk to me. I hardly attended school that year. When I finally started going more I made a few friends. My best friend was a guy and we later started dating. Broke up a few times then decided our friendship was more important. But last year on May 5th 2010 we somehow got back together. I'll never forget those amazing 224 days (yes I kept count). We broke up over a minor misunderstanding. You'll find that most of my poetry is about him. And although it's been 108 days since we've broken up, to this day I still love him......

Poems by Ebbi: