Aug 05 2011

The Story of the Lonely Hearts

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There once was a heart,
Saddened, stormy, and oh so blue!
He said he was missing something vital,
But of something which he did not knew.

The heart was slowly dying!
He searched for the town’s healer so he could get a cure
But the healer had never seen such a disorder, or maybe it was a virus, and so she spoke
“You’re missing something, and without this…something, your death is assured…”

The healer’s words made the heart oh so very worrysome
And so the heart was sent on a journey to foreing lands
He searched mountain high, and river deep
But he just could not find his truest demand.

The heart decided to give up
“I surrender!” he said,
“I cannot go looking for something, of which I have never seen, heard, felt, tasted, or smelled.”
Oh, the suffering heart continued to bleed, you might also say he had lost his head.

Poor thing, he wouldn’t eat anymore
Many had said he just wanted death
Oh, but let me tell you, nobody saw her coming!
She arrived out of nowhere, from a sudden gusty breath!

She was lost too!
Searching for her curing potion
People told her about the other dying heart
She visited him, then there was a huge commotion!

Oh let me tell you, people were grouped up in huge crowds
Everyone cheering and witnessing such a magical event
A heart had found a heart!
Never in history had this happened, oh all their content!

The hurricanes in the hearts’ oceans had, just like that, dissapeared
The bleeding had stopped!
Their beatings made such beautiful symphonies, like instruments from Rome itself!
The sickness that held them back, had been so easily dropped and popped!
(Like a zit)

They were meant for eachother
Like the stars and the moon
Oh the only regret they both had,
Was that they had met so soon.

And so, they lived happily-ever-after
Like in fairy tales, oh but let me tell you!
This is not made-up
It’s real, it is what it is, and is nothing but of what is true!

And that, my friends, is the story of the lonely hearts
The hearts were saddened, stormy, and oh so blue!
They didn’t know what they were missing
But in the end, it was just a heart like the once that beats inside of you!!

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