Sep 25 2010

Wonderful Dream

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Hand agianst my back.
The strength I need I lack.
My hands around your neck.
As I pray that I am not a reck.
Your tight embrace,
As I hardly see your face.
My eyes are closed
As you say that I am a rose

A hand through my hair
With a care
I never knew a man
to have.

I begin to reach Cloud Nine.
As I realize that this moment in life is mine.
A pink and blue haze
Lets me know the sun’s reign
Is almost over.

The stars begin their shine
As I see the three-star line.

My thoughts are on you
As I pray that this is true.
I am in a daze
As my spirits are raised.

Your brown eyes
Has a radience that shines.
As you lean closer to me,
I know now that you own my key.

I can smell your sweet scent
The wind’s gentle breeze bent.

You grow closer as I gaze upon your beauty.
Your lips touch mine
As I finally reach cloud nine.

As I realize with a start
That all this is a dream.
As I lean
my body agianst the wall
Realizing my sad, sad fall.

But your touch continues to linger
on my weary body.
Making me stronger in reality.

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  1. meghan222on 28 Sep 2010 at 9:46 pm

    that is beautiful and uniqe

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