Feb 07 2011

It Just Is

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How do you explain love?
As all people are different, so is every experience.
Call yourself wise about love, and you are a fool.
Say you are a fool, and you are wiser than any ancient soul.
The mother bird tells the fledgling not to fall in a dive too quickly,
But until it is done, the child knows nothing.
Can one describe the elation felt when his lover is in sight?
Can a woman tell a person how her heart races when her beloved gives her the one smile meant only for her?
Could a damaged spirit explain the way the life has left him with his woman?
Ten thousand years, and mankind is still no closer to understanding love.
A dictionary might try to teach its meaning,
But without experience, words such as ‘affection’ and ‘fondness’ mean nothing at all.
It has been this way for centuries, and so it will remain.
Perhaps mysteries are better than based fact.
Without the constant questions and pressed decisions,
How would anyone know what dedication and loyalty is?
No one expects three words to change the world,
Yet time and time again our expectations are exceeded tremendously.
No one can explain why that is –
That a small, four-letter word can transform a battlefield into a heaven.
It just is. Which is truthfully the greatest blessing of them all.

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