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G. L. Mucha (MOO-chuh)
People I most often write about: --- My ex-boyfriend, Jamen --- UPDATES: 9-14-10, agreed to go out with me. 11-8-10, last time he called me. 1-5-11, broke up with me through a note. 1-6-11, avoiding me. 1-17-11, OK with being friends. 2-14-11, would-have-been 5 month anniversary. 3-25-11, always calls my pants 'dorky'. Called another girls' pants 'awesome' right in front of me. Made me mad. Unfortunately, teacher got involved :( --- My friend that I'm in love with, Dustin --- UPDATES: Sometime around late May 2009, I begin to fall for him. 11-22-09, I fall completely. Sometime in spring 2010, he gets his first girlfriend, Jenny, and doesn't tell me. 10-24-10, he and Jenny broke up. 10-25-10, he asked out my sister. Some unknown time, became depressed because she didn't like him back anymore. 1-8-11, broke up with my sister. Some unknown time, messages between him and me on facebook about our 'friendship'. 1-31-11 after 1st period class, I asked him out. 1-31-11 after 3rd period class, he told me yes. 1-31-11 through today, both very happy about how things have turned out so far. 4-10-11, acting more like a best friend than a boyfriend. I don't blame him, though. 4-20-11, saw him with friends, practically forced him to hold my hand, made sure he coldn't squirm away so I could lean on his shoulder, and his mom hleped with getting him to hug me goodbye. WHY is he such a darned scardy-cat?? (and yes, I completely believe he's not trying to get rid of me, cause he's always been this shy)

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